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Saturday, November 05, 2005
GO DC - The Gay Forum
Direct from the Off The Map site, from DC conference.

GO DC - The Gay Forum

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GO DC - Personal God or Private God with Jim Wallis
Direct from the Off The Map site, from DC conference.

GO DC - Personal God or Private God with Jim Wallis

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GO DC - Interview with McLaren and Wallis
Direct from the Off The Map site, from DC conference.

GO DC - Interview with McLaren and Wallis

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GO DC - A Generous Community with Rose Madrid-Swetman
Direct from the Off The Map site, from DC conference.

GO DC - A Generous Community with Rose Madrid-Swetman

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GO Seattle - U2 Theology - Kuess/Friesen
From Generous Orthodoxy Conference, Seattle.

U2 Theology - Kuess/Friesen (27 MB, 60 minutes)

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GO Seattle - Planting Multi-Cultural Church with Mary Kate Morse
From Generous Orthodoxy Conference, Seattle.

Planting Multi-Cultural Church with Mary Kate Morse (36MB, 39 minutes)

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GO DC - A Generous Orthodoxy with Brian McLaren
Direct from the Off The Map site, from DC conference.

Download here.

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Monday, October 24, 2005
The Revival Myth with Martin Robinson
Another podcast from Generous Orthodoxy Conference in DC.

The Revival Myth with Martin Robinson (29 MB, 50 min)

audio quality is poorer (air conditioning in the background), but you can still get the content. great vision of the future of the church/world offered here.

happy listening.

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Hinges in History with Martin Robinson
NEW PODCAST!!! Finally. The next few podcasts will be stuff recorded at the Generous Orthodoxy Conference in Washington DC put on by the good people of Off The Map.

Hinges in History with Dr. Martin Robinson (50 MB, 54 min.)

Martin Robinson bio.

Great stuff. Epoch shaping and dreaming. Celtic. Great Awakening.

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Saturday, October 08, 2005
Off The Map - The Generous Orthodoxy Conference - podcast #1
So here I am. In DC (or really Bethesda, MD) with a grand cast of characters from Seattle, Cincinnati, Philly, DC, etc... Good, good times. Off This has been a great conference, truly generous in the wonderful sense of the word. And frankly, more orthodox than I've felt in a while.

I'm exhausted, tho. Awesome new friendships with amazing people like Rose Madrid-Swetman, Dave Richards, Ryan Bead, and April Stace-Vega. Bob and I have been running the tech booth deal with video, music, and powerpoint. Its gone very well and we haven't broken anything yet!

Here's an un-editted podcast I recorded tonight during dinner with Rose Madrid-Swetman, April Stace-Vega, and Rachelle Mee-Chapman.

Enjoy! Download (20 MB, 29 min)

The music at the beginning and end (not the chant stuff, that's a Monk named Creecher) is from Harp 46 of which April is a third. April and her husband Nuc are on staff at The Church in Bethesda that is hosting (very well, I might add) the conference this weekend.

Oh, we're recording all the main sessions and some of the workshops.... I'm not sure what we'll do with them... naturally I want to give them away via podcast or otherwise.... we'll see.

And we had "afterglo" here tonight. Nothing like a nice Irish Pub to cap off the evening with good conversation, Irish Coffee, and Guinness Ice Cream (which they were out of, but I tried to order... so sad).

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Alan Creech's Birthday
FINALLY!!! A new podcast for Conversatio Fide.

Last night the masses descended upon the Creech's new home to celebrate Alan's 39th Birthday. I recorded this little birthday blessing for Alan. I thought others would enjoy hear the voices of such blogging luminaries like Bill Bean, Chris Marshall, Kevin Rains, Kyle Potter, Bryan Sherwood, and of couse the venerable Liz Creech.


Download (10MB, 15 min)

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005
a community's voice - part one
Well, finally, here's part one of my interviews with members of Vine & Branches Christian Community in Lexington, Kentucky, USA. This is the community of which I am a part, that I planted and among whom I am an overseer. As I said, I thought it would be helpful and interesting to hear perspectives on some folks who are in a church like this, where they've come from and why they're here.

> We start with Kyle Potter tonight. More later. Peace.
> File approximately 5.9mb

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005
sabatical podcasting
Our dear Aaron is going on a computer/internet sabatical for the month of July - God help him! I suppose, then, it is up to me to keep things at least a bit fresh here. I have a couple of ideas for some interviews - maybe involving my own community and our collective journey. Hopefully that will relate to what many of you are going through as well. Pax vobiscum. You'll hear from me soon.

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Friday, June 03, 2005
From David Finch: Praystation
David did such a great job with this post that i'll just copy n paste:

"This is awesome! Father Roderick Vonhögen, a Catholic priest from the Archdiocese of Utrecht, The Netherlands (who has received a lot of press from his podcast, Catholic Insider) has
done it again. Praystation is a podcast that you can download to your computer, iPod, or any MP3 player and pray the morning and evening prayers.
includes music, a poem or hymn, a psalm, a short reading from the Bible and
some other prayers. This is so awesome to pray the Liturgy of the Hours at
anytime, anywhere. LINK"

Nice. Thanks David.

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Podcasting on BusinessWeek
This week's BusinessWeek has a great series of articles (and a podcast) on podcasting. Particularly on Godcasting. By the way, I haven't fallen off the podcast-wagon. Life has been very full of late and I just haven't had much time to record new conversations. I will continue to get more audio (and video) stuff up there on

Here are the BusinessWeek articles:
The Lowdown on Podcasting
His Mission: Simplify Podcasting - Odeo co-founder Evan Williams
Politicians Are Pod People
Need a Lift? Try a Godcast
A Podcasting Hit Parade
A Podcast on Podcasting

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